DuraBoard ® is cellular vinyl composite board.  It is a perfect replacement for wood in most of non-stress-bearing applications.  DuraBoard (PW)® looks and feels like wood.  It is better than clear and premium lumber.

·      Will not rot, crack, or split

·      Fire retardant

·      Cuts nails, screws, staples, and glues better than wood

·      Moisture resistant

·      Insect resistant

·      Easy to paint



·      Use standard wood working equipment for cutting

·      Carbide tipped blades are recommended

·      Avoid using fine tooth metal cutting blades

·      Rough edge from cutting may be caused by excessive friction, poor board support, or improper tooling



·      Use standard nail guns or wood working tools

·      Suitable galvanized nails are recommended

·      Place nails and screws on center or board and keep approximately 2” from each edge. Nail spacing @ 16” on center

·      If nailing product at 0ºC or below, pre-drilling is recommended. Avoid fine threaded wood screws and ring shank fasteners

·      Pre-drilling and/or counter-sink is typically not required unless a larger fastener is used

·      Thinner shanked nails, such as a box nail, work best



·      Use standard wood working drills and routers

·      Care should be taken to avoid frictional heat build-up

·      Periodic removal of shaving from the drill hole may be necessary

·      Carbide tipped router bits are recommended



·      Standard PVC cements or cellular PVC cements provide a strong DuraBoard (PW)® to DuraBoard (PW)® bond

·      For best results, glue all joints such as long fascia runs, and window surrounds, etc., to prevent joint separation

·      The glue joint should be secured long enough to allow adequate bonding time

·      Various adhesives, such as epoxy or polyurethane adhesives may be used to bond DuraBoard (PW)® to other substrates.  Consult adhesive labeling to determine suitability



·      Recommend non-solvent base fillers

·      Very good with All Purpose Painter’s Putty and High Performance Wood Filler

·      Good with Fill-N-Finish Light Wood filler and Shrink free Spackling

·      Clean with a damp cloth with soap and water



·      Clean surface prior to painting

·      Both oil base and latex paints are desirable.  Follow paint manufacturer’s recommendations

·      Avoid painting dark colors in area of direct sunlight

·      Sherwin Williams Acrylic Latex Exterior or Interior paints are recommended.  You have the opportunity for Flat, Flat Enamel, Eggshell, Satin Enamel, Semi-Gloss Enamel or Hi-Gloss Enamel sheens

For additional information on the above Sherwin-Williams coating products, please visit.




·      DuraBoard (PW)® does not absorb moisture, it can be installed at or below grade

·      It is perfect for use in moisture prone applications such as ground contact, masonry contact, hot tub surrounds, freeze boards, rooflines and garage doors, etc.®



·      Allow 1/8” space per 18 foot for expansion and contraction, DuraBoard (PW)® expands and contracts with changes in temperature.  Joints between pieces should be glued to eliminate joint separation – see “GLUING” section

·      Properly fastening DuraBoard (PW)® along its entire length will minimize expansion and contraction

·      When gaps are glued on a long run of the board, allow suitable expansion and contraction space at ends of the run



·      Never span DuraBoard (PW)® more than 24”

·      Must not be used in load bearing applications, but maybe used in spanned applications such as soffits and ceilings, with suitable thickness



·      Store on a flat and level surface

·      Should be handled in a fashion as pine, because it has a density comparable to pine with more flexibility

·      Keep product free of dirt and debris at job site.  If product gets dirty, clean after installation


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