DURABOARD Frequently Asked Questions


What thermal considerations should be noted?

How do I splice a joint?

What kind of adhesive should I use?

How should I go about nailing/fastening DuraBoard?

What should I know before I begin painting?

Where can you use DuraBoard?


What thermal considerations should be noted? (Expansion and Contraction of PVC)

  • Over an 18' span expect an approximate expansion or contraction of 1/2" (12mm) for 60C change in temperature.

  • Expansion and contraction is a function of the length and change in temperature.

  • To control the expansion, nailing (see nailing section) schedule of 16" on center.

How do I splicing a joint?

  • To avoid join separation over long spans, joints are to be glued together using appropriate adhesives and nailed on either side of the joint.

  • Scarf joint should be used.

  • Remember to allow for adequate expansion and contraction at the end of your long span.  The recommended allowance is 1/8" (3mm).

What kind of adhesives should I use?

  • To bond DuraBoard to itself, most people use PVC cement or Bond&Fill.

  • To bond DuraBoard to other construction materials, PL Premius adhesives will provide you with good results.

How should I go about nailing/fastening DuraBoard?

  • Galvanized box mails are preferred.

  • Do not nail closer than 2" from the edge (tendency to crack under cold conditions).

  • Within the width of the trim no more than 4" on center.

  • 16" c/c nailing schedule is recommended.

  • If nailing below 0C pre-drilling is recommended and use smooth shank nails.

What should I know before I being painting?

  • Avoid using dark colors if possible.

  • Lightly sand surface and apply exterior latex primer then apply exterior latex paint.

  • Sherwin William paints have been tested with DuraBoard and their Vinylsafe Color Technology delivers exceptional results. Click here for more information on Sherwin Williams Vinyalsafe Color Technology, or visit their website at www.sherwin-williams.com.

Where can you use DuraBoard?

  • Ideal area where moisture is a concern.

  • Applications include:

  Exterior Trim Sills Fascia Board
  Corner Boards Bay Window Curved Moulding
  Exterior Columns Gingerbread Moulding Pilaster/Fluted Casing
  Soffits Door Jambs